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Why We Went Off This Summer: The Baltic Boss Babes' Guide to Making a Comeback

Hey, Babes!

So, you noticed we were quieter than a mime at a meditation retreat this summer, right? Well, strap in for the tale because we're diving into the "Where the heck have the Baltic Boss Babes been?" summer mystery — complete with sunscreen and maybe a margarita or five.

Let's set the scene: It was the best of times, it was the sunniest of times. Our calendars looked emptier than a beach on a rainy day. And that's when it hit us—the call of the wild, the lure of the lazy hammock, the siren song of the sea. Yes, we ghosted the grind, pressed pause on the podcast, and took a summer siesta like our lives depended on it.

Why We Ghosted You (Sorry, Not Sorry)

Picture this: It's hot, the sun is more relentless than a telemarketer, and the only thing melting faster than our ice creams is our will to hustle. We, your devoted Baltic Boss Babes, decided to hit the pause button harder than a binge-watcher at the season finale cliffhanger.

Why? Because even podcast queens need to recharge their scepters. And let's be real, who wants to be cooped up in a studio when there's beach volleyball to be played badly and sunsets to Instagram?

But fear not, our fabulous hiatus was more than just an excuse to swap blazers for bikinis. We were on a covert mission, like business ninjas, gathering the juiciest insights and trends from this year's TechChill—think of it as "Field Notes" with a side of SPF 50.

Baltic Boss Babes: The Grand Return

Now, as the leaves start to turn and pumpkin spice lattes become a food group, we're back in the podcast saddle. Our first three episodes? Imagine "TechChill: The Field Notes Edition," where we spill all the tea on the techiest shenanigans of the year, served with a side of sass.

5 Tips to Bounce Back Like a Boss Babe After a Break

  • Embrace the Break Brain: Your brain needed that break just like a plant needs water. It's not slacking; it's strategic retreating. Now that you're back, you're not just refreshed—you're loaded with new ideas that only come when you're chilling harder than a polar bear on an iceberg.

  • Flex Those Plan-Making Muscles: Get out your planner and start flexing. Organize your comeback the way you'd plan an epic road trip—complete with milestones, snack breaks (because snacks), and an epic playlist.

  • Reconnect with Your Tribe: Let your network know you're back with a bang. Send out smoke signals, emails, or even carrier pigeons. Remind them why they missed your unique blend of charm and sheer Boss Babeness.

  • Tackle the Easy Wins First: Start with the low-hanging fruit to get back into the swing of things. It's like doing the first push-up after a month on the couch—painful but oddly satisfying.

  • Set the Stage for Your Comeback Story: Every break is the dramatic pause before the grand finale. Start teasing your audience with sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes bloopers, or just a picture of your "I'm Back" dance. Let them know the queen is reclaiming her throne.

So, while we've been out soaking up vitamin D and tech wisdom, we've missed you like a cactus misses the rain. But we're back, babes—with more fire, more flair, and more unfiltered stories to power you through the new year.

Stay tuned, stay fabulous, and remember: every Boss Babe deserves a break, even us.

Until the airwaves crackle with our voices again

Kadi & Aija

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