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Taking the Taboo Out of Entrepreneurship: A Candid Chat with Mariah Freya

In our latest episode of Baltic Boss Babes, we had the privilege of sitting down with Mariah Freya, the dynamic entrepreneur behind Beducated, a platform revolutionizing sexual wellness education. Mariah's journey is not just a story of business success but a lesson in breaking taboos, challenging norms, and balancing life as a mother and entrepreneur. Here are some actionable tips and wisdom extracted from our candid conversation with Mariah:

  • Embrace the Taboo:

  • Mariah's success with Beducated teaches us the power of embracing topics that society often considers taboo.

  • If you're venturing into a niche market, don't shy away from its challenges. Instead, use them as a springboard to create something groundbreaking.

  • Start Small and Scale Wisely:

  • Beducated’s journey began with a focus on organic growth, highlighting the importance of starting small and scaling wisely.

  • For new entrepreneurs, especially those balancing family commitments, it’s crucial to find a sustainable pace. Balancing risk and growth is key to long-term success.

  • Adapt to Restrictions Creatively:

  • Confronted with advertising restrictions, Beducated had to get creative. They navigated around algorithmic limitations with clever language modifications.

  • When facing external constraints, think outside the box. Adaptation and creativity can turn limitations into unique selling points.

  • Seek Passion-Driven Investors:

  • Mariah emphasized the importance of choosing investors who are not just financially motivated but also share your passion and vision.

  • When looking for funding, align with investors who understand and support your mission. This alignment ensures a more harmonious journey and mutual growth.

  • Normalize Difficult Conversations:

  • One of Mariah's key challenges was discussing a sensitive topic like sexual wellness. She normalizes these conversations, making them more accessible.

  • If your business deals with sensitive subjects, take the lead in normalizing these discussions. Education and openness can change perceptions.

  • Balance is Key:

  • Mariah's experience as a mother and entrepreneur underscores the importance of balance. Taking time for family and self-care is essential.

  • Find a working rhythm that accommodates personal needs. This balance is crucial for maintaining energy and enthusiasm in both personal and professional life.

  • Leverage Your Network:

  • Networking played a crucial role in Beducated’s growth. Utilize your contacts to open doors and create opportunities.

  • Never underestimate the power of a strong network. Building relationships can lead to new avenues and resources for your business.

  • Resilience in the Face of Adversity:

  • Mariah’s journey is a testament to resilience. Facing industry challenges, societal taboos, and personal hurdles, she persevered with her vision.

  • Embrace resilience as a core entrepreneurial trait. Persistence and the ability to bounce back are crucial in navigating the ups and downs of business.

Mariah Freya's story is an inspiring example of how embracing your true passions, no matter how unconventional, can lead to extraordinary success. Her insights serve as a guide for anyone looking to embark on a unique entrepreneurial journey, proving that with the right mindset, every challenge can be transformed into an opportunity for growth.

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